Commissioning manager for TATA Steel Europe. Work on various environmental improvement projects as part of the Roadmap Plus Projects
Sitemanager for Ansaldo Thomassen for several Frame 9E Major Inspections at Al Shabab EDEPCO power plant in Egypt
E&I Supervisor and Commissioning Support for a Research Vessel revamp at Damen Shipyards.
Commissioning manager for a Cold Mill upgrade project at TATA steel in the Netherlands
Commissioning Support for a Reverse Osmosys water treatment system for a DATA CENTER in the Netherlands
Relocation Frame 6 from NUON location Almere to Eemshaven (Lead TA/Commissioning Manager).
Installation of 4 x Frame 9E (Lead TA / Commissioning Manager).
Frame 6 HGP inspection at the Terra Nova for Suncor off shore in Canada
4 x Frame 9E auxiliary base assesment
Frame 6 HGP inspection AKZO Salinco
Assessment of Frame 9E parts for future use and installation
Installation and Commissioning of gas fuel purge system on Frame 6 with Mark 5 controls system on the FPSO Terra Nova
Instrument works on 3 compressor trains and 2 boiler feedwater pumps (steam turbine driven) at Grow How Ammonia plant, UK
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