Sitemanager for Ansaldo Thomassen for several Frame 9E Major Inspections at Al Shabab EDEPCO power plant in Egypt
E&I Supervisor and Commissioning Support for a Research Vessel revamp at Damen Shipyards.
Commissioning manager for a Cold Mill upgrade project at TATA steel in the Netherlands
Commissioning Support for a Reverse Osmosys water treatment system for a DATA CENTER in the Netherlands
Relocation Frame 6 from NUON location Almere to Eemshaven (Lead TA/Commissioning Manager).
Installation of 4 x Frame 9E (Lead TA / Commissioning Manager).
Frame 6 HGP inspection at the Terra Nova for Suncor off shore in Canada
4 x Frame 9E auxiliary base assesment
Frame 6 HGP inspection AKZO Salinco
Assessment of Frame 9E parts for future use and installation
Installation and Commissioning of gas fuel purge system on Frame 6 with Mark 5 controls system on the FPSO Terra Nova
Instrument works on 3 compressor trains and 2 boiler feedwater pumps (steam turbine driven) at Grow How Ammonia plant, UK
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